Emily Jacob | About
I'm Emily Jacob and I am from Central Illinois. I've been taking photos since 2008, but have always admired the beauty of the world around me. I grew up watching my mother and grandmother paint and my father had a dark room in our house where he developed his own film. While I have no painting ability, I knew I wanted to show my artistic eye somehow, so I took up photography.

I love to travel. I have been to Ireland multiple times, Canada, Mexico, and all over the USA. My goal is to each year, take a trip just for photography. I work full-time at my family's electrical contracting business so photography is, for now, my hobby. I am, however, represented Jefferson Street Studio and Gallery in Morton, IL.

I mainly shoot landscape photography with a little bit of nature mixed in. I have recently gotten into astrophotography and would like to learn more about star trails. I shoot with the Canon 6D and my main lens is the Tamron 24-70mm.

I hope you enjoy my photos and I would love to hear from you!